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Specialist advice, technical expertise

Our Services

Feasibility and site selection

Early consideration of shipping and navigation constraints is critical to optimising developable areas and reducing consent risk. By classifying the magnitude of constraints, we can identify suitable areas for potential development and associated mitigation options.

Navigation risk assessment

Safety of navigation is a key consideration throughout a project’s lifecycle. We integrate data science, stakeholder consultation and subject matter expertise to provide robust navigation risk assessments for all maritime needs.

Vessel traffic data

The right data is key to defining shipping and navigation profiles. We are recognised data specialists and collect data using vessel-based radar surveys, AIS-data networks and third-party providers. 

Risk modelling

Vessel traffic modelling is an important tool for understanding current and future risk. We use pioneering approaches for spatial-temporal domain risk profiling and commercial route deviation assessments.

Traffic analysis

Traffic analysis enables quantitative and accurate understanding of vessel traffic profiles. Our analysts use a suite of customisable, software driven tools and techniques built on leading geospatial technologies.

Expert witness

Public enquiries and examinations rely on objective expert opinion. Our subject matter specialists have considerable experience in supporting projects through examination, planning hearings and in expert witness provision. 

Safety compliance

Safety is a primary duty for any port, marine facility  or maritime authority. Our compliance services ensure organisations meet international, national and local regulatory requirements.

Technology support

Technology increasingly plays a key role in maritime safety. We provide advice and support to clients on implementing safety and vessel traffic management systems for harbours and offshore renewable energy installations.

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