NASH Maritime joins Shelmalere Offshore Wind Farm's Marine EIA Team

NASH to provide shipping and navigation input to the development's design and undertake navigation risk assessment
NASH Maritime joins Shelmalere Offshore Wind Farm's Marine EIA Team

Specialist shipping, navigation and maritime risk consultancy, NASH Maritime, has been appointed as shipping and navigation lead for Shelmalere Offshore Wind Farm. 

Located off the coast of the Counties Wicklow and Wexford, Shelmalere Offshore Wind Farm is one of three Irish offshore wind projects being developed by the joint venture DP Energy and Iberdrola. 

NASH Maritime is part of the marine EIA team of Fehily Timoney and Company, Intertek and MarineSpace and has been commissioned to provide early design and development input, as well as undertake the navigation risk assessment in support to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIAR). 

The company will combine its specialist knowledge and practical experience of maritime risk with its advanced data processing, analysis and modelling skills to perform the work.  

Jamie Holmes, NASH Maritime Project Director said: 

“Managing potential navigation impacts and risks is key to achieving successful coexistence with other sea users as offshore energy projects grow in scale and number.  
Our early appointment on this project, coupled with our extensive project portfolio across the Irish and Celtic Sea, places us well to work with the developer and stakeholders in developing the project and preparing the EIAR.” 

The navigation risk assessment will be supported by vessel traffic surveys commencing this winter and stakeholder consultation which is already underway. 

The Maritime Area Consent application for Shelmalere Offshore Wind Farm is expected to be submitted early2023 and Planning Consent application following in 2024. 

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