Working here as an intern

We asked this summer's interns what it's like to work here
Working here as an intern

Eleanor Scott and Marco Slerca have been undertaking internships with us this summer. As their time with us comes to a close, we asked them what its like to work here.

E: Eleanor Scott

M: Marco Slerca

What do you do at NASH Maritime?

M: As an intern at NASH Maritime, I provide navigational risk assessment support across a variety of projects. I undertake data processing and analysis, as well as attend client and stakeholder meetings.

E: As an intern, I have been helping undertake Navigation Risk Assessments (NRAs) for a diverse range of projects, from proposed offshore wind farm developments to new infrastructure on the River Thames.

A large part of my work has involved spatial mapping and analysis of vessel traffic in the relevant areas.

What drew you to working in this area?

E: I have wanted to work in the maritime sector for many years, always loving spending time around the water, before undertaking my degree in Oceanography. After taking a module about the Energy Transition on my semester abroad, I became increasingly passionate about helping the development of offshore renewables, particularly offshore wind.

The early stage work that NASH Maritime conducts is a key factor in any infrastructure development and supporting this work provides me with a brilliant introduction to the maritime sector while allowing me to be part of the transition to renewable energy.

As well as the maritime and renewables part, the consultancy aspect of NASH Maritime is also what really appealed to me; I have always enjoyed meeting and talking to new people. I learned, through my degree and previous employment, the importance of listening to others’ viewpoints and how it can benefit both parties.

NASH Maritime is an organisation that clearly understands the huge potential of conscious communication and since being an intern here, I have seen how much they value stakeholder interaction and engage with clients as much as possible.

M: As an avid sailor and diver, I have always centred my passions and interests around the ocean.

My background in oceanography, along with a passion for sustainability and innovative technology, drew me to this field.

The opportunity to contribute to the renewable energy transition by supporting offshore wind farm development and enhance maritime safety align with my values.

What kind of studies have are you involved in?

M: I have been engaged in studies in support to offshore wind and subsea cable projects and have been involved in all aspects of navigation risk assessment.

I am assisting the scoping studies, which occur at the start of a development’s application for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The studies help clients understand the overall conditions of the current maritime environment and identify key shipping and navigation impacts of their projects. The scoping study determines the requirements, scope, and data for the detailed Navigation Risk Assessment (NRA)that will follow.

I am supporting NRAs which again requires a baseline analysis of the current conditions, as well as the identification of key impacts. I help with the data processing and analysis, which includes vessel tracks, metocean parameters, and historical incidents.

And I have helped evaluate potential shipping and navigation impacts, as well as identify mitigation measures which may be needed.

E: I have been supporting work for a variety of projects, some of which are currently confidential.

I have been supporting the analysis and write-up of several NRAs including: the proposed Morgan, Mona and Morecambe Windfarms in the Irish Sea and some interesting new port development and expansion projects.

I have also been working on the Lighting and Marking Plan associated with offshore windfarm projects.

What’s your favourite thing about the work you do?

E: Since being here, I have loved that I can see that my work contributes to an important part of any significant infrastructure development and that it helps ensure that shipping is as safe and sustainable as possible.

M: My favourite aspect of my work is collaborating with and learning from the specialists who work here.

How does the work you do support NASH Maritime’s vision of a safe and sustainable seas or belief in better?

M: I can see that my work contributes to NASH Maritime’s vision by assisting in the development of safer, more sustainable maritime practices. Whether it's through better systems, improved software, historical records, or innovative solutions, my efforts support the overarching goals of safety and sustainability.

E: The vessel traffic analyses I support are key to ensuring a safe and sustainable maritime environment and the reports are critical to enabling new developments to take place in a way that is as low-risk as possible.

What do you like best about working here?

E: The office dogs! Only joking, the people are great too. The environment is so nice and relaxed, and everyone at NASH has been supportive of my learning during the internship, which has made the experience incredibly enjoyable. Everyone also has such a vast range of experience and knowledge within the maritime industry, making NASH a really great place to learn.

Every project is different, too. Even though I have only been here a short while, I have rarely worked on the same thing for a long period of time. This means I’m constantly finding out about different parts of this industry, learning new skills, and helping solve new problems, which is really interesting.

M: What I like best about working at Nash Maritime is the culture of collaboration and innovation. The opportunity to work with experienced professionals on pioneering projects in maritime safety and renewable energy is inspiring and fulfilling.

What phrase or word sums up NASH Maritime for you?

M: Innovation at sea.

I chose this as it highlights the company’s focus on creative solutions and resonates with my experience as an intern working on forward-thinking projects.

E: Engaging

I think this emphasises that NASH Maritime is both an engaging place to work and how it seeks to effectively engage with clients and stakeholders.

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