Designated Person for Mallaig Harbour, Scotland

Designated Person for Mallaig Harbour, Scotland

Mallaig Harbour Authority operates the busy fishing/ferry port based at Mallaig in Scotland. Once the largest herring port in Europe, it remains a leading port on the West Coast of Scotland for prawn (nephrops) landings.

The Port Marine Safety Code sets out a national standard for port marine safety and applies to all harbour authorities and other marine faciliaties, berths and terminals in the UK.


A central requirement of the Code is that risk management processes are used to inform the implementation of a marine safety management system (MSMS).

It also recommends the appointment of a Designated Person to provide independent assurance that the MSMS is working effectively and is compliant with the requirements of the Code.


NASH Maritime has performed the Designated Person role for Mallaig Harbour since 2021.

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